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September 23, 2021

Kelowna-based real estate advisor, Terry Osti is truly a real estate professional that has done it all.

From his experience in the auto industry to firefighting and home construction, to his degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of British Columbia and participating as a Board Member on the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce, to even farther-reaching community work with the Children’s Miracle Network, Terry has a wealth of experience in the communities he serves. And yet, on top of all this, he is an award-winning real estate agent, having won many awards in the field since 2011.

Terry dominates real estate in BC and Canada, with Terry having many accolades such as “Best Realtor in Canada” in 2015 by Build Magazine and “Best Residential Realtor – Canada 2019” by Lawyer International Legal 100 – 2019 Awards including the number one professional on RankMyAgent for Vancouver in 2017.

Undoubtedly, Terry know the ins and outs of the real estate business but, what truly drives his business is the emphasis on serving his community and clients.

Terry brings a relational approach to real estate – a “deeper understanding of how humans relate to the spaces they occupy and why good design matters when you buy a home” his website reads.


June 2013

The Challenge

Terry wrote to RankMyAgent(RMA) that “people would do reviews wherever they wanted”. This poses a two-fold issue.

Clients (and non-clients) leave reviews of real estate businesses online, wherever they want, whenever they want, however they want. Reviewers that perhaps have minimal to no real experience with the agent were qualified to leave reviews on google, Yelp, Facebook, and even more with no verification in place.

But, while stray, unverified reviews slip through the cracks on the internet, Terry and Darci were more concerned with how muddy the digital waters are: good reviews from real clients were spread out online “google, yelp, Facebook, email us, etc. and then we would have to copy and paste onto our website” said Darci.

The process of copying reviews to Terry’s website was time-consuming, tedious, and there was still no single, verified, third-party site for reviews to be collected.

The Solution

Terry joined RankMyAgent in December of 2013 and began to streamline his review collection process with RMA. RMA is that single, verified, third-party site for all Terry’s reviews.

The biggest benefit for Terry’s business is being able to “always send clients one link” says Terry.

Terry can now ask clients to put their review up just once on RMA and RMA’s convenient template review request system allows him to send this link with just a few clicks without having to rewrite the email over and over.

While clients only need to leave the review in one place on RankMyAgent, RMA connects to Realtor.ca, remax.ca, and more. In other words, one review but multiple websites displaying it. And, all these reviews that are automatically shared across the web via RMA are 100% verified – no cherry-picking for just the best reviews and no spam reviews either. Darci says that “searching for Terry brings up the reviews, hence the leads” because clients get to see “REAL vetted reviews from a reliable source”.

The Outcome

Since joining in 2013, Terry has collected 86 reviews and counting with a star rating of 4.97 on RMA surveys.

“Rank My Agent is the go-to trusted site for people who want to get an honest opinion about the services that are provided by the Real Estate Agents across the country. I have had the privilege of helping so many people with buying and selling real estate who say they found me based upon the great reviews I have received from my clients on Rank My Agent.”

Terry Osti

Terry attributes 27 leads to RankMyAgent since 2019. Clients found him on RankMyAgent and read the authentic, heartfelt reviews of his previous clients. He also attributes $92,481 in business to RankMyAgent in the last three years, with $50,351 coming from 2021 alone.

His reviews have boosted his online presence, gaining higher visibility and searchability on google and providing an easy way to share his personalized brand across social media and other business platforms.

The Result

Terry Osti has successfully collected over 80 reviews thus far, and that number will continue to grow as RMA helps streamline the review-collection process for both the realtor and your clients.

RMA’s review collection survey is easy to complete on a user-friendly platform. Agents simply request reviews from their clients after closing a deal, and the process only a few moments for both clients and realtors.

Through the collection of verified reviews, Terry and Darci have found a platform that meets their needs and boosts Terry’s business digitally. RMA is one multi-faceted platform for verified, third-party reviews that also provide key insights and tracking tools for their continued business success.

Searchable Online Profile

Easily construct a sharp, custom-built and searchable RMA profile that is SEO optimized and easy to find through Google or other search engines.

By gathering reviews on your RMA profile, you will be able to reach out and let the public know about your real estate services.

Publicly Displayed Reviews

Start proactively collecting and managing verified reviews written for you that are displayed for the world to see. This not only allows you to engage with your reviewers but also gain the attention of potential clients who are reading your existing reviews.

Geo-Farming Capabilities

With RMA’s powerful geo-farming feature, you have the ability to tag yourself in the cities, towns, and neighbourhoods that you are active in. After adding the location to your review, RMA will populate your profile to the search results of the area you are geo-farming. Therefore, the more reviews you have, the higher up you appear in search results for your area. More clicks, more leads, and more opportunities.

Review Requests & Templates

Tired of manually sending out emails requests to review your services? RMA’s Virtual Office allows you to easily send out review invitations to your clients with a click of a button. The new template option allows you to edit and save multiple requests on your profile which you can access to send or revise at anytime.

You are also able to track the progress of the requests you send out through our Review Stats Feature. See whether your clients have received the invitation, read the email, and started writing the review survey.

Shareable Review Graphics

Do you want to share your reviews on image-based social media platforms? Download ready-to-use professional graphics for your published reviews today. These graphics include the review, review score, and any attached photo to the review.

*Please note that if you’ve added a picture to your review, the graphic download with the picture will only work on Mozilla Firefox browser. The graphic download function for all reviews without photos will work for all browser types.

Sync Google Reviews and RMA Together

Integrate your Google Business page to your RMA profile and vice versa. Our integration allows up to 5 Google Reviews to shown on your profile at a time and it will automatically sync when you get a new review on Google. Additionally, with our RMA to Google integration, your reviewers will be notified, after submitting their review on RMA, to also copy and paste their reviews to Google.

Full API Syndication with REALTOR.ca, remax.ca, and More

Through our API integrations with various parties, you can auto-distribute the latest of your reviews across the internet, including platforms such as REALTOR.ca, remax.ca, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website, and much more!

Full Customer Support

Our dedicated support representatives are available by phone, online chat, and email to help you out with all your inquires about RMA. Reach out to us today to get your questions answered fast so you can start boosting your online presence. We are excited to be working with you!

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