By 2025, Canada will have almost 1.5 million new immigrants. A large percentage of new comers will move to Ontario and will be wanting to relocate to Toronto as it’s one of the most multicultural urban areas in the world and one of the most sought after cities to move to according to   – it s vibrancy and job opportunities in finance, healthcare and tech.

With so many neighbourhoods in Toronto and such a variety of differences between them, it may be hard for new families  with children to choose where to settle down.

For young families, entertainment and activities, parks, top rated schools, transportation, the price of real estate, and much more all play a role in where to buy a home.

As a new immigrant, you may be starting to wonder what are some of the top neighbourhoods for families with children to put on your radar. This article is for you and lists 10 Toronto neighbourhoods to consider to settle down to.

Our Top 11 Toronto Neighbourhoods family friendly neighbourhoods include:

  • North Toronto
  • Branbury-Donmills
  • Deer Park
  • Riverdale
  • Milliken
  • The Beaches
  • Rocensvalles
  • Runnymede-Bloor
  • East Lansing
  • Etobicoke- West Mall
  • Humber Valley Village

North Toronto

Avg Price of Condo (TREB Q4 2022): $728,000 (Yonge-Eglinton)

School rating score: 37.1/100

North Toronto includes the Yonge-Eglinton intersection and the area surrounding it. The neighbourhood was named “best Toronto neighbourhood to live in” among the 140 neighbourhoods in Toronto by Toronto Life. And North Toronto upholds its reputation with its easy subway access, variety of strong educational institutions, numerous parks, and much more. While the $2.4 million detached homes in the area may seem unaffordable for new families, Yonge-Eglinton offers many family-oriented, entry-level condos at a much lower price.

Branbury-Don Mills

Avg Price of Detached home (Q4 2022): $2,755,000

Avg Price of Condo (Q4 2022): $718,000

School rating score: 88.6/100

Though the price of a detached home averages $2.7 million in the Banbury-Don Mills area, it’s similar to North Toronto in the sense that young families can still move into the area with a cheaper, family-oriented condo. The neighbourhood has CF Shops at Don Mill at the centre, which is filled with amazing retailers and restaurants. Fairview mall is also close by and other activities, such as the Aga Khan Museum, aren’t too far away. The area provides a city-suburb feel and is close to the highway, making morning commutes to work that much easier.

Deer Park

Avg Price of Detached home (Q4 2022): $3,137,000 (Yonge-St. Clair)

Avg Price of Condo (Q4 2022): $1,379,000 (Yonge-St. Clair)

School rating score: 94.3/100

Yonge-St. Clair is a busy intersection filled with shopping, entertainment, and businesses. There are a variety of older detached houses, newer townhouses, and everything in between. The area has great schools, with the prestigious Upper Canada College right in the neighbourhood.  David A. Balfour Park and Oriole Park provide some much needed green space in this midtown concrete jungle. David A. Balfour Park alone has over 20 hectares of space and features a flower garden, the Rosehill reservoir, and a waterfall.


Avg Price of Semi-Detached home (Q4 2022): $1,691,000

Avg Price of Condo (Q4 2022): N/A

School rating score: 87.1/100

North Riverdale is a highly desirable neighbourhood in Toronto due to its proximity to the downtown core and to expressways, its variety of green spaces, and its beautiful Victorian-style homes. One of its most notable spaces is Riverdale park which has steep hills for tobogganing and an outdoor pool. North Riverdale is also home to Greektown, which hosts the annual Taste of Danforth. $1.69 million for a semi-detached home is a high price, but an alternative is South Riverdale, only steps away, where detached prices averaged $1.8 million and semi-detached prices averaged $1.3 million.

We asked Karolina Armstrong, from The Armstrong Team, to provide us her unique insights about Riverdale as she has been living in the neighbourhood for over a decade.

1) What makes Riverdale special? 

Karolina: “It beautifully walkable! And its filled with activities for children- There is every imaginable sport, tutoring, and art class within walking distance. It’s incredible. You can wake up, walk the kids to school. Grab a coffee. Drop off library books, pick up veggies for dinner, hop on the treadmill, take the kids to a park after school, see a show, and grab a bottle of wine…….all within walking distance. The greenery and local atmosphere is special here, there is a lot of charm.”

2) Why would you want to raise a family in this chosen neighborhood?

Karolina: “I would and I have! We’ve been living in this neighbourhood for over 10 years and moved here when expecting. It has great schools, and so many places to explore with little ones. I didn’t realize how much green space was here and as soon as we started to explore as a family, it seemed that we found a new park every time we walked around. Everything is walking distance, so you don’t have to hop in your car every time you need anything and you feel a great sense of community walking around. The homes are full of character and you can feel the history in them.”

3) Tell us about some  community events that happen that you want to highlight?

Karolina “Numerous events at Withrow Park year-round! Ice skating in the winter, Farmer’s Market in the summer, outdoor theatre in the summer! Did you know that you can rent out the fire pits here and have an outdoor campfire with friends and family? A perfect local birthday idea for kids and adults! Withrow Park is the place families converge.”

4) Price trends in the neighbourhood?

Karolina: “When houses come on the market here, they don’t last. It’s a highly desirable neighbourbood with great schools. With the limited inventory in this pocket, bidding wars have been taking place for years.”


Avg Price of Detached home (Q4 2022): $1,341,000

Avg Price of Condo (Q4 2022): $604,000

School rating score: 42.9/100

If you’re looking for more affordable real estate prices, Milliken may be the place for you. It’s quite far from the downtown core and a bit of a drive just to hit the highway, but the average price of detached homes here are half the price of many midtown and downtown areas. Milliken also has many reputable schools and a lot of ethnic diversity. There are also great restaurant options, especially for East- and Southeast-Asian cuisine.

The Beaches

Avg Price of Detached home (Q4 2022): $2,033,000

Avg Price of Condo (Q4 2022): $938,000

School rating score: 55.7/100

The Beaches features beautiful boardwalks and easy access to the Gardiner and Lakeshore expressways. Accessing the downtown core is only one streetcar away. The area has many annual events such as the Christmas Tree and Menorah lighting festival, the annual jazz festival, and much more. Although the average home price is high, the price is brought up by many of the expensive homes along the boardwalk. Properties not along the boardwalk are likely more affordable.


Avg Price of Detached home (Q4 2022): $2,053,000

Avg Price of Condo (Q4 2022): $868,000

School rating score: 15.0/100

Roncesvalles is a convenient location due to its closeness to the downtown core, High Park, and the Toronto waterfront. High Park is only steps away and has children’s playgrounds and a small zoo. Other parks in the area include Charles G. Williams and Sorauren park. While Roncesvalles didn’t score well on the Toronto Life school rating, it’s partially due to schools clustering in the adjacent High Park-Swansea neighbourhood, which had a school rating of 32.1. Roncesvalles may be the better choice than its neighbour, however, as High Park-Swansea detached homes average $2.4 million.


Avg Price of Detached home (Q4 2022): $1,332,000

Avg Price of Condo (Q4 2022): N/A

School rating score: 73.6/100

Runnymede-Bloor West Village is north-west of High Park and is walking distance to the popular green space. The area is a popular shopping and restaurant district with plenty of bakeries, delicatessens, specialty food shops, cafes, and much more. Similar to Roncesvalles, it’s very close to the downtown core, but as an added bonus, Runnymede-Bloor is also close to the Runnymede and Jane subway stations. Again, though the area scores low on its Toronto Life school rating, it’s partially due to schools clustering in the adjacent High-Park Swansea neighbourhood.

East Lansing

Avg Price of Detached home (Q4 2022): $ 2 081, 000

Avg Price of Condo (Q4 2022): 671 K

School rating score:

Lansing, positioned along the Yonge Street corridor, is conveniently close to the former North York City Hall and close to the sheppard subway line. Lansing is also known for its excellent amenities. In addition to the North York Civic Centre and the North York Central Library, which are both located in the neighborhood, Lansing is home to a variety of parks, schools, and community centers. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Earl Bales Park is a popular destination for hiking, biking, and skiing, while the nearby Don River Valley offers even more opportunities for outings with families.

The Dave Elfassy Team. winners from our Top 50 Teams in Canada in 2022, shared some insights for families interested in moving to East Lansing:

1) What makes East Lansing special? 

Dave Elfassy Team: There are great parks, Mel Lastman square is very close by and large lots for growing families.

2) Why would you want to raise a family in this chosen neighborhood?

Dave Elfassy Team: Raising a family in an area with lots of activities to do with the kids, highly rated schools, and a neighborhood with a very high safety rating and low crime rate.

3) Are there community events that happen that you want to highlight?

Dave Elfassy Team: There’s lots. Usually, there are weekly events at Mel Lastman Square to enjoy.

4) Price trends in the neighbourhood?

Dave Elfassy Team: Prices have remained resilient in this neighborhood even with the latest downturn. It’s so close to transit, hubs, and many other activities. This area will always be in demand and prices will stay high.

Etobicoke West Mall

Avg Price of Detached home (Q4 2022): $1,106,000

Avg Price of Condo (Q4 2022): $559,000

School rating score: 30.7/100

Etobicoke West Mall is a great area that’s a lot more affordable than most of Toronto. It’s just west of highway 427 and has TTC busses that take you straight to the Kipling subway station. Just south is CF Sherway gardens as well as Cloverdale Mall on the other side of the 427. The West and East Mall parks are close by, as well. Each park has a tennis court, baseball diamond, and children’s playground, and the West Mall park has an additional ice rink and outdoor swimming pool.

Humber Valley Village

Avg Price of Detached home (Q4 2022): $2,098,000

Avg Price of Condo (Q4 2022): $650,000

School rating score: 14.3/100

Stationed right by Humber River, Humber Valley Village has a huge network of parks along the waterway. The neighbourhood is also 20 minutes away from the downtown core and 10 minutes away from Pearson airport. A short TTC ride can get you to the subway line if that’s your prefered method of transportation, and the nearby golf courses and shopping centres make for perfect weekend activities. Similar to other expensive areas, a family condo may be better than a detached home if you choose to settle in Humber Valley.