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Reviewed on 25 February, 2020 by Matthew Perras

Dave Elfassy Team - 1% Commission helped us Buy in January, 2020

Recent: Toronto

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We were referred by a friend to Sean. He was professional, very knowledgeable, respected and listened to our desires, and help prepare us as first time home buyers to what we should expect. He was not pushy and always gave us his perspective at the right time, in a polite and professional manner. He often pointed out things in places that we did not think to look at and offered his perspective on how easy or difficult it could be to fix or remedy the potential problem. He was always objective, for example at one place he pointed out some water marking between panes of glass and gave us a quick tip on how to fix it in an inexpensive manner (so marking it as an item to consider, but not a big deal). In the same place he pointed out the noise level on the balcony on a Saturday, saying that it would be louder when traffic was busier (simply pointing out something that we may not like but not realize at first). Attention to these details and learning our preferences as we visited different places meant he was able to customize his point of view as we looked for other places to visit. I appreciated his honesty and help in dealing with the purchase of our first place.

Thank you Matthew! Your great review is very much appreciated!