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Maryna Popova

Reviewed on January 21st, 2021

Chuck Groocock helped us buy in July, 2020
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Recent: Halifax, Nova Scotia
I would strongly recommend my agent. He is very professional, honest and transparent. We felt we could really trust Chuck's judgment, skill and experience. He is knowledgeable about the property market. Looking for a new property is always a stressful time. Chuck usually answered all our questions with an open and honest attitude which was a breath of fresh air compared to some of our experiences which have lacked information and communication. He had also kept in touch with us throughout this journey and has been a pleasure to talk to each time. This meant we were far less stressed with the buying as we knew we could contact Chuck with any issues that cropped up. He has also been incredibly helpful about advice about house purchase price. We cannot thank Chuck enough for his help and professionalism throughout that process, and we cannot express how much we can recommend him. Thanks to Chuck, we bought our dream house.
Are you aware of any factors that were beyond the control of your Agent?
Market Trends, Pricing War

Thank you Maryna & Igor...it was quite the year, given the challenging market and we made it happen on lucky number 3!