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About Zamian Parsons

Hi, my name is Zamian Parsons and I was born in Whitehorse but grew up in a small town in Northwestern BC called Terrace. After I graduated high school in 1992, I moved to Victoria to live with my father, who had moved a few years earlier after my parents divorced. Sometimes you can't control your future and that was definitely a lucky break!

I absolutely love Victoria and it seems like more and more people are discovering the great lifestyle afforded here as the population has exploded in the last 20 years. My father became a Realtor in 2001 and, after being his assistant for a number of years, I earned my license in 2006 and haven't looked back. I feel so fortunate to have this job of helping people with typically their largest asset. I have met so many amazing people over the years and even though I could go on and on and on about all the awards I've won, I'd rather focus on the rewarding aspects of meeting awesome people and helping them achieve their goals. Please check out my testimonials to hear from a few of them. If you are looking for an honest, quick to respond, hardworking and all around fun guy, I would love to hear from you! Have an awesome day :)


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Latest Reviews


Brad Rachar

Reviewed 4 days ago Zamian helped us buy in January, 2020
Zamian is a true professional. At every step of the way toward buying our dream house he was there to help us. After five years of being a real estate nerd, constantly researching a preparing, I thought I knew everything I needed to about buying a house. Even with all my hard work there were a handful of times during the buying process that I found myself out of my element and really relied on my ... Read more
January, 2020

Mr Hawaii

Reviewed 11 days ago Zamian helped us sell in September, 2019
I hired Zamian to sell my honeymoon suite (that's what I call my two level condo) and honestly I was a little bit surprised with the professionalism and results. Full disclaimer, I met Zamian through this process but we have since become friends. Quick story: after receiving a full price, unconditional offer on my home, and 2 weeks before completion date, my hot water tank exploded and flooded my ... Read more
January, 2020

Nikki W

Reviewed 15 days ago Zamian helped us buy in August, 2019
The reason we highly recommend Zamian is because he goes above and beyond, and exceeded our expectations. His expertise and ingenuity are priceless. We are very impressed and can't thank him enough! Here are more details of our experience: When we first started to think about listing our house, we spoke to anyone that we knew that had purchased or sold their house. We asked about the... Read more
January, 2020

James Wilkerson

Reviewed 1 month ago Zamian helped us sell in November, 2019
Zamian was always prompt and professional. He kept us informed about showings and offers. He was a great help in negotiating a final deal. He was well informed about all aspects of house inspections, drain inspections, and buried oil tank checks. He offered advice on preparing the house for sale and staging. Zamian was friendly and personable and I always felt confident that he would do a great jo... Read more
December, 2019

wild rose

Reviewed 1 month ago Zamian helped us buy in December, 2019
Zamian was a breeze to work with. He has a professional attitude and understood clearly what mattered to me and what didn't when looking for a place. He has a great sense of humour and inter personal skills as well. Most importantly, I really appreciated his honest and important feedback when looking at different places. I would definitely use him again! ... Read more
December, 2019
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