Whether you are gardening indoors or out, there are so many possibilities to utilize any amount of space to create a gorgeous green oasis in your home.

Small spaces typically deter those with green thumbs. Where am I going to put everything? What can I grow in this tight space? What if there isn’t enough light? What if there is crowding?

Sometimes, unfortunately, these potential green thumbs turn an ick-ish shade of grey and they settle for pre-cut flowers. Boo. I’m here to tell you to pursue your green dreams and grow! Grow anything and everything!

Here are a few tips on how to create an elegant garden, even in a tight space.

Grow up

A vertical orientation to your nature escape is one answer to your space issue. This can be done indoors or outdoors.

Constructing a living wall, for instance, is not only a space saver, but it is an absolutely stunning way to display all of your plants and herbs.

One way to do this is to get your hands on an old pallet and with a few minor tweaks and adjustments, you can create a home for all of your leafy friends.

This trendy living wall can be mounted indoors — in your pallet surgery, you will add a plastic backing to ensure the wall is safe from moisture — or you can keep it outside and save some of that valuable square footage for more gardening goodies.

Another super inexpensive way to grow indoors or out is to grab one of those storage hangers that hold shoes. You know? The plastic sheets with lots of pockets? Poke some drainage holes in the bottom, fill each pocket up with soil and plant away. These are especially handy for growing herbs.

Do you have an old ladder around that you would like to repurpose? These vintage beauties are another excellent choice to use for vertical growing. You can purchase a variety of cute planters and arrange them on the ladder rungs. Use the low rungs for plants that need the least amount of sunlight.

Step it up

Don’t forget your front steps — use ‘em if you’ve got ‘em!

The front steps can be used to house a number of potted plants. Try mixing in some edible plants with ornamental that way you’re not only getting the beautiful perks, but you’re also scratching some dollars off that weekly grocery bill. Just remember to pay attention to which direction your stairs face so your plants don’t get too much, or too little sun.

Let your creativity flow freely!

Do you have a railing near your front stairs?

Try hanging some small planters on the railing. There is a myriad of examples on Pinterest and Instagram that show people hanging little decorative teapots from their handrail with small flowers and herbs growing out of them. So cute. And a good way to take advantage of all of that available space.

Growing indoors

With winter at our backs, take some of that glorious spring green indoors.

Let’s take a peek at some indoor nooks and crannies that are ready to be transformed into an indoor-outdoor space.

Growing herbs on the window sill or hanging plants near natural light are ways to keep those thumbs green all year round without taking up too much usable space.

Stacking containers is another option. Do you have a corner in a room somewhere that isn’t being currently? Try tiering some planters up to create a unique structure that is as tall or short as you’d like it to be.

Tiered container gardens allow for a variety of plants to be grown in one structure. This falls in line with a vertical garden, but it doesn’t have to be mounted to a wall. You can construct on yourself with some pots of different sizes — I have even seen coffee mugs incorporated into tiered gardens.

Hang ‘em high

Hanging planters are always a viable option to save square footage. Hanging planters can also be used indoors or out  — just be sure that if you are hanging inside you consider the possibility of overwatering and potential spilling. What I mean is, maybe think again before hanging over a crisp white carpet.

Boston Fern, Devil’s ivy and String of Pearls are all fantastic hanging plant options that will add some green into any room. Plus, they’re tough as nails so if you forget to water once in a while, like this girl — with her brown thumbs — you won’t have to worry about planning a plant funeral.

Hanging options are endless now, it seems. You can take an old coat rack and repurpose that to hang a variety of plants from all at once. Or you could create a floating shelf to hang from the ceiling near a window that can be the new home for a few different pots at once. Of course, you could go classic and use some woven basket options that hang from the ceiling from stylish hooks.

Hanging accessories have also expanded and there appears to be endless availability of stylish options that will go with any decor.

Terrariums are so stylish

These enclosed mini-gardens are so cute! You can buy these pre-made or try your hand at creating your own. They can be stacked, they can be hung, heck, they can just be placed on a table. But these tiny tanks of greenery are the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside on a small scale.

Suck at gardening? Get succulents

Succulents come in such a wide variety of shapes and styles and they are pretty low maintenance. So, if you are away from home a lot, or you are just forgetful, like me, try your hand with some succulents.

There are even some that are planted in fridge magnets! How easy is that! These things are so multifunctional — holding up your electric bill and boosting moods!

In Calgary, there is an amazing local shop in the Inglewood district called Plant that has all the knick-knacks and accessories needed to get a small garden started in any season. All we are left with to do now is pick a few of our favourites, hit up our local flower shops and get gardening.