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Reviewed on 03 April, 2021 by Erica Jonas

Dave Elfassy Team - 1% Commission helped us Buy in February, 2021

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Steve is a realtor you want representing you in this competitive market! He strikes the perfect balance of being personable, responsive and aggressive, which are traits you need to ultimately win in this market with multiple offers. He has dropped everything to rush us to viewings hours after homes were listed for potential pre-emptive offers and does not hesitate to get on the phone and call relators to find out more information. We were focused on purchasing a property in the Patterson region and his wealth of knowledge living in the Thornhill Woods area himself made a world of a difference for us. He is well connected with strong relationships, between that as well as the greater Dave Elfassy team, this gave us piece of mind when the right property would come out, we would not miss out. As first time home buyers, Steve was really there to guide us in every aspect. He actually talked us out from purchasing multiple homes which we were actually shocked about (from issues he saw on inspection reports, house being too small / old for price point etc.), this gave us confidence that when we found our current property and he had no complaints, it would be a good purchase! Thank you Steve for all of your help, you really worked hard for us and we cannot wait to move into our new home in June!

Thank you for the kind words Erica!