Three Must-Do Repairs Before Selling Your Home


If you're planning to sell your home, you want it to be in top shape to set apart from the others in the market. The real question is which repairs will bring you the biggest return and not end up costing thousands in losses?

These are the three must-do repairs that you should consider before putting up that for sale sign:

1. Paint

This is one of the cheaper repairs that has a large impact on how buyers will perceive your home. If you have wallpaper, get rid of it because buyers want to be able to envision the place with their own style, not yours! Try to paint your walls a neutral color - think beige or a light tan.

2. Kitchen Improvements

If your cabinets and appliances are in top shape, then that's one step closer to an easier home sale. However, if you have old and unattractive cabinets, you should definitely consider painting or replacing them. Make sure your faucets and sinks are working properly and do not have leaks. Granite counters are not necessary - they're expensive and you probably will not make a profit off it.

3. Flooring

Ensure that your flooring is spotless and clean - hardwood or carpet. It has become more of a preference to have hardwood flooring as it looks nice and is easier to clean.

  • Have hardwood already? Make sure it's been shined and installed properly.

  • Have carpet? Hopefully it's a neutral color and doesn't have any stains. If you have colored carpet, it's probably best to have it removed and have the floors refinished.

  • Have ceramic? Replace any chipped or cracked tiles.