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The Best Real Estate Agents in Kerrisdale

Reviewed 3 months ago by Zoe Read

Leslie was great! She was professional and knew her stuff. She answered our messages promptly, and had professional assistance working with her. We were hopin... more

Reviewed 3 months ago by J Choy

Richard went the extra mile in ensuring every step in this process was taken care of. He was very thoughtful in his market analysis and pricing our property. Ri... more

Reviewed 2 months ago by Georgina Munn

Muzda Stenner has been the best Realestate agent we have dealt with. We have been burnt too often by other agents in the past with none performance and only wor... more

Reviewed 1 month ago by Sabyasachi Bose

Suggestions persuassive but yet not pushy. Very sociable and easy to talk. Excellent with couples Polite and does not make you feel you have to make an immediat... more

Brad Moldowan

Sutton West Coast Realty