Pick Your First Real Estate Agent 101


You should spend at least as much time picking a real estate agent as you would buying a car or planning a vacation. A good real estate agent can spot financial hazards in a house or neighborhood, can negotiate a fair price and can provide sage advice for a first time or seasoned buyer.

Three things you should consider when selecting an agent, include:


Are they familiar with the area that you are looking to buy in. Do they know the benefits of the area, the market conditions and what to watch out for. A home purchase is more than just the walls that surround you, but the community that you will soon become a part of.


While the number of years someone does a job can note experience, it is agents that are passionate about the career that are the ones that will work the hardest for you. Do they regularly update their website? Respond to emails or phone calls quickly? Do they remember your name when you call? You want to select someone that is as excited about your next steps as you are.


Just because an agent has their face on several listing signs doesn't mean that they are an amazing agent (although they may be). The right agent for you, is someone that has the time to give to helping you with your home purchase. Some people may be causally looking while others have only a few days to negotiate a deal. One of the best ways to understand the flexibility and availability of an agent is by reviewing the reviews their clients place on this website.

When it comes to picking your agent consider your own unique needs and find someone that can meet them.