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As a very passionate Real Estate Broker, I have made the real estate industry and property investment my life's focus. Since 2004, I personally helped 100's of clients buy and/or sell property. I also have almost 20 years experience with income properties to assist clients in making the perfect real estate decision.

Past and current clients will tell you that it's my enthusiasm for real estate, professionalism and industry knowledge that allows me to provide outstanding service to my clients. I understand not only that buying and selling real estate is the single largest financial decision an individual will make, but that there are other aspects beyond just the look and feel of the property, that can put a client years ahead financially. Understanding that real estate is one of the best self-made retirement plans, I can help you develop a plan that works for you in the sort term and shapes your financial future for the long them.


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Pamela Bell

Reviewed 5 months ago Maggie helped us sell in September, 2019
Maggie was a great realtor from start to finish. She went out of her way to make sure we had no problems. She negotiated a really great deal for us. We were completely satisfied and would recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor that works as hard for them as she did for us. You will not be disappointed. We were completely amazed when we received a great gift basket congratulating on the s... Read more
November, 2019

Ashley Principato

Reviewed 6 months ago Maggie helped us buy and sell in May, 2019
Maggie was an incredible agent. She was with us every step of the way, was very quick to respond and provided great services. We are a younger couple and we appreciated that she was able to provide us with respect and understood our goals were realistic. We would highly recommend Maggie to all of our friends and family when selling or buying a home. ... Read more
September, 2019

Anne Pritchard

Reviewed 7 months ago Maggie helped us sell in March, 2019
For whatever reason my house was not moving. Thank goodness I had an agreement with Maggie that she would purchase my home at a mutually agreed upon price in 120 days. Having my home on the market would have been much more stressful had I not had full faith that Maggie would honour our agreement. It was my pleasure getting know Maggie and I would recommend her to others based on her honesty a... Read more
August, 2019
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