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New North Van Home Home

Reviewed on February 24th, 2017

New North Van Home Home

Reviewed on Feb 24, 2017 by New North Van Home Home

Nicola helped us buy in January, 2016
out of 5

We have hired Nicola a number of times, both buying and selling, and have found her to be incredibly professional and savvy when working on our behalf. I have referred many friends and contacts to her as well with great outcomes so wouldn't hesitate to say you should call her when considering using a real estate agent in Vancouver. She makes the buying process as smooth as it can be (and there are always highs and lows). Nicola has strong market knowledge not just about areas of Vancouver but also strategic ways to approach how to sell, how to buy and other complex details that are involved in the buying or selling process. Having also worked with other members of her team it is nice to know she has the support behind her to provide great research and also marketing for any property we considered - she was our main contact but it's nice to know she has the resources behind the scenes to pull things together very fast. Very happy with her work and as a bonus when spending so much time together - she's fun to work with!

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