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Reviewed on February 5th, 2015


Reviewed on Feb 5, 2015 by Faye

Keith helped us buy in February, 2015
out of 5
Recent: ON, Canada

My husband was skeptical about what a buying agent could bring to the table, but Keith proved that a great buying agent is worth his weight in gold.

Keith helped us determine the type of property we were looking for and advised us as we narrowed down the number of neighbourhoods to consider. He had vast knowledge of neighbourhoods, their histories, and the re-sell time for certain areas and styles of homes.

He seems to have a solid network of contacts with trades and professionals within the city and was always able to provide us with a referral when we needed one.

Keith is punctual and phenomenal when it comes to responding in a timely manner to voicemails and emails.

He clearly loves working with families and kids and made a point to engage with our 11 month old son and get him laughing when the little guy became bored of wandering around homes.

We are already recommending Keith to everyone we know. He made this home buying process easy and enjoyable when it could have easily been stressful and difficult.

Julie Jansen

Reviewed on January 30th, 2015

Julie Jansen

Reviewed on Jan 30, 2015 by Julie Jansen

Keith helped us sell in January, 2015
out of 5
Recent: ON, Canada

Its such a pleasure to deal with Keith. He is s patient, pleasant and very thoughtful. He's very good at figuring out what you are looking for. He's one of the best agent that I dealt with.

Mariya Stancheva

Reviewed on January 29th, 2015

Mariya Stancheva

Reviewed on Jan 29, 2015 by Mariya Stancheva

Keith helped us buy in November, 2014
out of 5
Recent: ON, Canada

From the very first time I spoke with Keith on the phone, I was stunned by the exceptional customer service and care he offered. I knew from that moment on he is not there to look after anyone else's interest but mine.

I met Keith and our very first introductory meeting took near 3 hours. He took the time to explain simple concepts to me. When needed he brought in specialists from his company, so I clearly understand what is really involved in buying a new home, securing mortgage, paying the mortgage and being smart about it, and feeling secure and at peace.
Keith will do everything in order to meet your needs: be that help you find your dream house, or a mortgage broker, or simply dig more information about the property you are interested of buying.
AND, the service doesn't end with you buying your house.. it is on an on-going basis, whenever you need help or a simple advice.

I can summarize it all in 3 words: exceptional customer service!

I strongly recommend Keith, especially if you are buying your very first home: you will greatly benefit from his in-depth knowledge, broad connections and willingness to help you whatever the situation is. The thing I like the most about Keith being my real estate agent is that he did not hesitated to express opinion and offer honest and friendly advice.

I was also very impressed with Keller Williams' company - extremely innovative, progressive, customer focused and professional.

Thank you Keith for helping me find my dream home and above all, making it pain- and stress- free for me!!


Andrew MacDonald

Reviewed on January 12th, 2015

Andrew MacDonald

Reviewed on Jan 12, 2015 by Andrew MacDonald

Keith helped us buy in August, 2014
out of 5
Recent: ON, Canada

Having recently purchased an investment property with Keith and the home team realty group I am more than satisfied with the level of knowledge, professionalism and willingness to satisfy his clients. Keith went the extra mile to ensure we were happy and getting the best price on our new property. Keith was willing to look outside the box and used many strategies to bring our dream to life. The resources that the Home Team Realty group has to help with all of your questions and needs is truly one of a kind. Weather you go with Sylvie, Bill, Sean, J.P or Keith, the whole team is there to help and you won't be disappointed. We cannot thank them enough and we are customers for life!



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