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Harpreet Marwah

Reviewed on March 26th, 2019

Zamian Parsons helped us buy in March, 2019
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If you are looking for an incredibly smart, responsive and honest realtor who would provide objective advice, then Zamian is the realtor for you. I was looking to buy a property as I planned my move from Toronto. Right off the bat, Zamian did an excellent job educating me about the nuances of the real estate market in Victoria. His experience and expertise was on full display once we starting exploring individual properties. He was able to distill the pros and cons of a place in a way that made things very easy to evaluate. I’ve also never experienced the level of service I got from Zamian. He went out of his way to adjust to my schedule, was always available for questions and was incredible prompt in booking showings. This allowed me to complete a transaction within a matter of weeks. Zamian also provided a level of integrity and honesty, which I very much respected in my realtor. There were situations where Zamian disagreed with my evaluation of a property. Instead of saying everything I wanted to hear as a client, Zamian provided objective feedback. I knew that this was someone who was looking out for my interests. Buying a place is one of the most important decisions and a picking an excellent realtor will make a world of difference. Zamian has a keen sense of the responsibility that comes with helping people make this incredibly important decision. I would recommend him to everyone and the next time I am on the market again, he will be my first call.