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Reviewed on 15 July, 2021 by B Lee

Yuriy Kayda, CPA, CMA helped us Buy and Sell in May, 2021

Recent: Surrey, BC

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In the past four years, Yuriy helped me buy two properties and sell one property. He also helped four of my friends and family members. These properties varied from condos and townhouses in Fraser Valley and a house in North Vancouver. Everyone was very happy with him and thanked me for introducing them to him. Some of them are working with him again already. When Yuriy works with you, he's not just your realtor or property sales person/paper work administrator. He becomes your ally, friend and most importantly your real estate consultant. I bought a townhouse this year during the most intense townhouse bidding war period in Surrey. He guided me in setting up the right expectations for the market and for my personal circumstances. When it came to pricing, I was so desperate I was ready to make a very high priced offer, he calmed me down with his knowledge and all the data available. At the end, I bought my dream townhouse for the price much lower than I was ready to pay. Right after the purchase of a new home, I had to sell my condo. Condo market felt quite different than townhouse market. I was getting agitated after a couple of offers falling through, I was ready to drop the price significantly. Again, he showed up as my consultant armed with expertise, and successfully convinced to me be a little more patient. Sure enough a week later, I sold my condo unit for the best price the building has ever seen. If you ever work with Yuriy, my advice is be straight with your expectation and trust his advice on that. It can be stressful to deal with real estate transactions but with Yuriy it is a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable. I couldn't thank him enough for every text, email and phone call and meetings we had. Thank you Yuriy for being there for me throughout my home investment journey!