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Yuriy Kayda, CPA, CMA Review

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Reviewed on 08 July, 2021 by Edward Yong

Yuriy Kayda, CPA, CMA helped us Sell in May, 2020

Recent: W - S.w. Marine, Vancouver, BC

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My wife and I were getting ready to move out of Canada. And we had to sell our home before we could leave the country. But we had no idea how exactly to do it. Looking at whatever resources we could, the task seemed surprisingly complex and daunting. That is, if we did it ourselves. We could always hire a realtor, or so we thought... But then that raised another difficulty: How do you find a good realtor? In the end, we contemplated just throwing the home out there on the market for cheap and getting rid of the burden once and for all. I guess that's how seemingly difficult and complex selling a home is for first timers like ourselves. You'd rather just be done with it. Regardless the cost. But before we did that, I decided to ask for opinions from as many different acquaintances as possible, as is my habit. And weigh the options. Among those acquaintances was my auntie, who so far had never given me a bad recommendation. And she told me about the amazing work Yuriy did with selling her own home. Not only did he manage to sell it within a day, but she was relaxing on a cruise ship when it happened and she didn't need to worry about a thing. And at first, we were not sure what to expect... ... but Yuriy took the time to explain everything to us in great detail, from analyzing housing prices and recent sales in the vicinity to discussing pricing strategies for our home, and more. We found Yuriy to be very professional, enthusiastic and passionate about his work. I was impressed to see that Yuriy had a very diverse background, ranging from engineering to programming to accounting. And I always enjoy working with people who have a deep-rooted love for learning, and who don't merely work for the sake of working. So we were confident that we were in good hands. But it was not until we began the process of selling our home that we would encounter something that gave an even clearer picture of what it means to have a good realtor working for you. While negotiating with our potential buyer at the time, we discovered that their realtor wasn't exactly the most skillful. We were surprised at the way their realtor handled things, with multiple difficulties cropping up, a lot of mistakes being made, and we could see clearly how they were being put at a disadvantage because of various questionable decisions. Long story short, the difference between having a good and not-so-good realtor work for you is like the difference between night and day. In the end, in spite of various difficulties, and Yuriy having to work together with our lawyer to navigate those circumstances, we managed to sell our home for an amazing price given the market conditions. We were really relieved that we didn't have to handle all that by ourselves. And that we had Yuriy representing us. But it was not without a little hardship. As I know that Yuriy had more than a few sleepless nights and a lot of anxiety helping us get the house sold due to all the difficulties and also the unpredictability of current market conditions. He went above and beyond his job. So that we could have a smoother sale. If you're looking for a good realtor to help you sell your home, so that you can move to greener pastures, without all the headaches and hardships normally associated with the sale, I'd highly recommend that you give Yuriy's services a try.