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Ricardo Valverde

Reviewed on December 10th, 2018

Wendy McLeod helped us buy in October, 2017
Neighbourhood Knowledge
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This review may sound bias, but this is how we honestly felt with Wendy. We met her accidentally just checking out a condo and right away felt comfortable with her. Exchanged business cards and she followed up with us once, as it should be. About a year later when we were ready to buy a place, we contacted her. From then on this is how it went: We told her our budget and what we were hoping to get. She had all the patience in the world and she was not just trying to sell us anything. She understood what we wanted and when we asked, she would answer with her honest opinion due to her years of experience. We were always looking forward to looking for places with Wendy, having her around was very pleasant. In the end, after 7 months of search, and never feeling that she was pushing for us to buy, we got the place we wanted. I do feel we owe it to her: buying a place is not easy, and there are so many factors involved. Having someone with the personality and experience of Wendy, made all the difference. I am sure there are other amazing agents out there, but if you read this, search no further and TRUST me, you will be happy you did.