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Donna Mortimer

Reviewed on April 24th, 2018

Tracy Doucette - Personal Real Estate Corporation helped us sell in April, 2018
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Tracy was called in when a deal fell apart dealing with the purchasers realtor & a strata issue. The purchasers called us personally to advise of this issue & possible problems when purchasers had a meeting with a strata council member. As owner/developer we clarified the strata issue, purchasers agreed to meet with Tracy to rewrite the offer. She has continued the relationship with the purchaser to ensure they are kept up to date and happy purchasers.
As the owner/developer we are very thankful to Tracy for stepping up to calm a hostile situation, resolve the problems and renegotiate the offer.

We would definitely recommend Tracy for a purchaser or a seller, she always presents herself very well, communicates by telephone or in person, Tracy has a calming demeanour and knows her product well. Having worked with Tracy on other transactions, we have found her to be able to negotiate through the transaction in a manner that both sides are content with the outcome.

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