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Darren Bell

Reviewed on January 14th, 2020

Tom Sapinski helped us buy and sell in January, 2020
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I have been using Tom as a realtor since I bought my first home in 2009, and he recently helped my wife and I sell the same house and purchase a new one in 2019. And while he has naturally gained a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge of the market over tthose 10 years, one thing that has remained constant is Tom's philospohy of putting his clients' interest first. He has always proven himself to be patient and understanding, with great instincts, and he offered clear, frank and knowledgable advice at every step of the buying and selling process. Most importantly though, Tom always genuinely seems to have his clients' best interest in mind. We have never felt pressured, nor did we ever feel that Tom was acting in his own interest rather than in ours. I think he understands that if he treats his clients right, this reputation will be better for business than any advertisement ever could be Not only did I come back to Tom nearly 10 years later, I referred him to a close friend who hired Tom twice as well. I can say quite confidently that he would offer the same glowing review of Tom, and likewise trusts him to act in his best interest. And my wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Tom to anyone, and will be sure to do so if any of our friends and family are looking for a realtor. For anyone who is in the real estate market, it becomes clear quickly that it is a very competitive environment for sellers, buyers and realtors. Decisions are often made fast, frequently without the benefit of lengthy reflection and in-depth research. This is when a good realtor can offer so much value to their clients. Considering for most people these transactions are often the biggest and most consequential of their lives, the quality of advice you get in these brief windows of time is ablsutely critical. But you need to be able to trust the person giving that advice. As someone who has had Tom with me during these decisions, I can say that we trusted Tom completely. I am someone who likes to DIY a lot in my life, but real estate transactions are simply too important to not have the benefit of professional and experienced realtor to guide you. And you won't find a better one than Tom.