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shaun peter

Reviewed on May 15th, 2017

Tim Banfield helped us buy in May, 2017
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In a market where the buyer holds the power, Tim did an excellent job of guiding us through the balance of achieving the best price and still making a sale.

Using a combination of technology and talent, Tim provided us with a professional set of images, including virtual staging to make an empty apartment look warm and inviting. This resulted in many viewings, despite the flooded market.

Paperwork was prompt and simple through electronic signing, rather than having to arrange meetings in a busy schedule. On the other hand, the buyers realtor was late providing accepted offers, deposits, lifted conditions, etc.

Regardless if Tim was hanging from a cliff, dropping into the pow, or watching the NCAA final four in person, he was always quick to respond to any questions, provide us with documents, and guide us through the sale. Meanwhile the buyers realtor was negotiating the sale from the discomfort of his car with paper documents and a fax machine. After several hours of back and forth discussion, he pushed his clients to offer more than they had originally agreed upon, in order to get the sale done while he was still in the neighbourhood and they could sign in person.

Throughout the process we had complete faith in Tim who held honesty and integrity above his own interests. We've had many realty transactions over the years and have never had a realtor as genuine and trustworthy.