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Reviewed on August 17th, 2017

The Wright Sisters Team helped us buy in July, 2017
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Our realtor was Catherine Van Der Oye. We found working with her to be an absolute pleasure. While she didn't have extensive knowledge of the area in which we ended up purchasing our house, she didn't proclaim to do so; moreover, the areas in which she specializes she knows like the back of her hand. We are very grateful to her for helping us avoid potential landmines as well in some of the properties we were considering submitting a bid (in one case providing specific advice that would not have been evident until after living in the property). She was super responsive in all situations, knows the market well (and is current with her knowledge), and I also really appreciated her "customer service" skills (for lack of better wording). I never felt pressured to consider options that we didn't think suitable. She also went above and beyond, providing referrals to other professionals who we might find useful (and we did--and they were affordable, professional and excellent choices). To top it off, we found her sense of humour hilarious. Can't say enough good things about Catherine.

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