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Blake Sawyer

Reviewed on March 14th, 2019

The O'Hara Sisters helped us buy and sell in February, 2019
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These ladies helped my elderly mother sell her home in St. Catharines and purchase a home in Beamsville, and after the transaction I was so happy with what they did for us the I volunteered to be a reference for them should they ever need one. They directed me to this site to rate my experience. My mother is on her own, not always in the best of health and does not drive, and I live 2.5 hours away in Orillia. I was very nervous when my mom announced she was selling her house and moving to Beamsville. I'm pretty much the only family she has and I knew I would have to play a big role in making sure these transactions were completed without any major financial or legal issues. Seniors are very vulnerable when it comes to complicated financial transactions so I was very concerned about making sure I would be able to play a role to protect her. I originally had no knowledge of the Real Estate agents she had already contracted with. Fortunately for me we completely lucked out because these ladies were professional and caring and highly skilled in dealing with senior citizens and the special requirements that this brings. The services they provided unbelievably exceeded what I or anyone else would ever expect. For example, I was helping negotiate the financial side of things for my mother and they kept me up to speed on the status of every detail of the process. They also stopped at my mother's house regularly to check in on her to see how she was doing, including if she was having any health issues, and they would let me know if there was anything I should be concerned about. They picked her up numerous times to take her to run her errands, do her banking as well as to make preparations for the sale and purchase. They were like family taking her to do the things that I lived too far away to help her with. Also , their recommendations for 3rd party services for things such as Home Inspections, lawyers and movers were a blessing. The quality and value of these services made each stage of the process run smoothly and affordably. You hear so many horror stories about the elderly getting taken to the cleaners by Movers and things like that which made me feel almost helpless being so far away. Their recommendations were solid, honest, friendly and affordable. They stood by their quotations and everything proceeded without issue. Transacting Real Estate and moving a lifetime collection of stuff is not easy and something that most people only do once or twice in their lifetime. They guided us throughout the entire process, providing advance notice of upcoming events and requirements and reminders as events drew near. I can't say enough about how well they treated my mother and worked with me to make it happen without undue stress on her. I can honestly say that you will not find agents for your real estate needs that will provide better attention and service. I didn't realize anyone still provided this level of service in this day and age. I feel so fortunate that we were lucky enough to have them take care of this for us.