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Rob Sunderland

Reviewed on October 30th, 2018

Taras Kinash helped us buy in August, 2018
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We had long planned to make a start in a new spot in the Okanagan, but the challenge of uprooting from friends and family in Vancouver, and commencing our careers here held us back for years. We even had family travel out from back east to join us for our wedding in Penticton in 2006, simply to expose them to the gorgeous interior of BC. Years after, with children in tow, we finally found the means to get the move under way, and we began a search with little bearing, but lots of enthusiasm - first time home buyers in need of a lot of hand-holding. Though we had begun looking at houses in other places in the valley, little energy was building, and it wasn’t until a friend referred us to their ‘amazing agent’ in Penticton that we really found our way. Taras understood us pretty immediately, and has an approach with people that’s disarming and frankly fun. After a brief chat about what we were after, Taras started our search in a way that we didn’t altogether expect - he spent hours touring us around the city simply familiarizing us with the whole place, and giving us an invaluable view of our possible future in it. By the end of that day, that we realized that there was no other spot in the Okanagan that fit us like Penticton. That tour imbued us with an imperative to land a property, and the insight of specifically where to apply our effort looking. Taras jump started the process for us significantly, not by showing us properties, but by revealing to us an actual life in Penticton. The rest of our search wasn’t without challenges, but we completed a deal and transplanted our family of four very successfully, in the summer we had really hoped and needed it to happen. Without that first step, we're uncertain that we would have ended up arriving in our new home in this summer. Taras provided the platform, the understanding and the desire that ultimately delivered the home we were always longing for. His knowledge and experience we’re beyond what we were expecting and he exercise immense patience with us as first-timers. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we would jump at the opportunity to help people find Taras, because he’s far more than just any real estate agent. Rob and Monique Sunderland