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Ella Fong

Reviewed on November 17th, 2019

Tan Truong helped us buy and sell in November, 2019
Neighbourhood Knowledge
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Negotiation Skills
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Tan has been an essential part of our selling process (he also helped us with the purchase of this home!) . He made sure to keep us posted every step of the way while reducing the stress of having to deal with the process. He clearly and patiently explained the process to both my husband and I, and even created a WhatsApp chat group to ensure that we were all looped in. If anything was unclear or needed verbal clarification, Tan would call either of us directly to chat. Now that Tan has successfully helped us sell our apartment, we are now in the process of finding our new home. He has been instrumental in the process as he accompanies us to our showings and making sure he is asking the questions we either forget to ask or didn’t even know we needed to! Tan definitely has our best interest at heart and we’ve never felt like he was just trying to make a quick sale by pushing us towards something we don’t truly like. Tan has helped my sister and her husband find their home a few years ago and most recently he also helped my aunt and her family find their new home too! Thank you Tan for all your hard work. While we continue the search for our home I know I can rest easy with you in our corner!