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Sally Gfeller

Reviewed on July 28th, 2019

Tamara Almas helped us buy and sell in June, 2019
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Having lived in the community for a number of years, I purposely chose Tamara to represent both my home sale and new home purchase due to what I knew about her skillet from previous interactions through my work, unrelated to real estate. I specifically chose her to represent my sale, due to what I see as her emotional intelligence and I was certainly not disappointed by how she handled some of the unique factors required for a successful sale of my property. For my home purchase, she represented me very well too, ensuring I found the right home for my next stage of life and got the “deal” done in a way I was happy with. Tamara is an extremely authentic person, who works hard for her clients until the deal is done and can be celebrated. I felt blessed to have her help and provide expert guidance on my journey.