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Lawrence Lalonde

Reviewed on October 15th, 2020

Sharon Jordan helped us buy in July, 2020
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We met Sharon when she was the agent for sellers whose house we were interested in. She impressed us so much we decided right then to work with her to find us a new home. We got outbid on the house because, darn it, Sharon got the sellers a higher price! Of course! Then Sharon went to work helping us find what we wanted. The real estate market in Eastern Ontario is a huge area to have in depth knowledge of, but Sharon easily answered our questions on every house & neighbourhood we considered. Even when we briefly looked elsewhere in Ontario, in some out-of-the-way places, her expertise was invaluable. We're a bit picky, but Sharon quickly understood our needs. Today, we're in a house we're thrilled about thanks to Sharon's knowledge and instinct. We came here from a substantial distance, in the midst of COVID, so we relied on her to tour the homes under consideration and relied on her opinion before making any offers. You don't often buy a home that you haven't personally seen, but we had complete faith in Sharon when it came time to make an offer. Now that we're here, Sharon continues to offer assistance as we adjust to the new surroundings. She will not forget you after the sale closes. She even told us where to get the best pizza on moving day! We feel very fortunate to have met and worked with Sharon. We highly recommend her!