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Brian Hughes

Reviewed on September 30th, 2020

Sharon Jordan helped us buy in August, 2020
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Recent: Brockville, Ontario
An Out-Of-Towner’s Dream. You might think that since you’re coming from out of town, with limited time and availability to physically view properties, while searching for the low budget fixer upper home or maybe a condo (who knows? because you certainly haven’t decided yet) would be where your agent would put it into cruise control and just take in the scenery. It certainly sounds like a pain in the rear, with lower compensation, and maybe in the back of your mind the thought that you wouldn’t really be getting someone investing 100% of their expertise on your behalf would gnaw away at you. Sharon is always there. Constantly. At one point I thought things must be really slow in the market while I was looking, because she seemed so available. But now I have realized this is Sharon’s undeniable talent and skill. Sharon is always there and she is listening to you. Getting to know you. Figuring out exactly what you need even if you don’t know it yourself yet. She will find you what you really need and what makes you really comfortable. Next thing you know you have found what you really wanted and Sharon got it for you. You are happy and you are comfortable. Time goes on and you have a question or concern. You don’t want to bother Sharon because she is off “being there” for someone else who needs her help more than you do at the moment. You tell yourself the transaction is done, you are becoming that pain in the you know what again. Still you send a message and ask her to get back to you only when she has a spare moment. Her response always comes quickly. Pleasant and helpful and happy to remind you… Sharon is always there.