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Reviewed on 30 October, 2018 by Julia Sedger

Sam Huang helped us Sell in October, 2018

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Sam fit the bill for an excellent agent for me. He lives in my UBC neighbourhood (so he was familiar with the area and close by) and he attended all Open Houses and private showings himself, rather than send in a 'stand-in," who knew little to nothing about my property. When selling your home, you need to have confidence that your agent can get the job done and I felt that from the start with Sam. Sam is energetic, ambitious, confident, and competent: this all made a big difference for me. Sam speaks and corresponds in Chinese and he understands the Chinese culture and mindset when it comes to real estate transactions. This is a highly valuable skill in today's Vancouver market when a good percentage of the buyers are Chinese. Sam is also very active on social networks in order to advertise his listings. Sam is honest and ethical which is another must-have quality IMHO in an agent. I really felt that Sam and his able co-realtor Rosa were part of my team. My previous agents had not been successful in their efforts to sell my home and I had been essentially abandoned, so there was alot riding on Sam's marketing, sales, and client service skills, and he did not disappoint. I've dealt with realtors in the recent past who "seemed" excellent when courting my business, but turned out to be unresponsive and non-collaborative once settled into the relationship. I felt that I could depend on Sam to answer my questions from a place of experience and knowledge and to guide me wisely in terms of the market and what I could realistically expect to sell my home for. Sam priced my home to sell and it sold after only 3 weeks of being listed in a rapidly decelerating housing market. In addition, I had an unpredictable buyer and Sam calmly maneuvered his way through some questionable buyer behaviour at the 11th hour and closed the deal when the buyer and I were at an impasse. I would commission Sam and Rosa again and this speaks volumes, considering there are a veritable plethora of realtors to choose from in the Vancouver area.