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Reena Sotropa

Reviewed on April 3rd, 2019

Sam Corea helped us buy and sell in December, 2018
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Sam Corea helped us to purchase (2005) and then sell (2018) our first Calgary home. The market during both of these transactions could not have been more different; each presenting its own particular set of issues for buyers and sellers! I think that these extreme market conditions allow Sam's skills and experience to shine brightest. When we purchased our home we were new to the city and the real estate prices were higher than we were used to. Sam assured us that we were making a sound purchase and 13 years later he was proven right. We decided to sell our home just before the holidays and in a difficult market. Sam advised us to take the time we needed to bring our home up to showcase standards but encouraged us, despite my reservations, to put it on the market prior to the holidays. Once again Sam read the market correctly and we had a conditional offer a few days later and were closed before the end of the calendar year. Sam has an uncanny ability to read people and the market. His advice and acumen have served our family well and I would recommend him and his team to anyone thinking of buying or selling.