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Dustin Barton

Reviewed on October 9th, 2019

Rony Rizk helped us buy in September, 2019
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Rony has been great throughout the entire process. Great communication, very friendly, he really eased a lot of concerns as first-time home buyers. He also made sure we understood how the process would work up front when we first met; which properties we would we seeing, how the offer(s) would be submitted, next steps, etc. Once we put an offer in, he made sure we were aware of anything that might be a "red flag" and I felt confident each time we asked a question about the property or process. The best part was we never felt like we were being pressured at any point. Rony always gave us the facts of the matter with no bias, but if we asked for his view(s), he would provide them in a neutral tone, which we appreciated. Overall, VERY HAPPY. I was expecting a daunting process but so far the biggest hurdle has been figuring out the actual move and what color we want to paint the walls. 5/5.