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Ari Palme

Reviewed on July 5th, 2020

Renzo Amorin helped us buy in June, 2020
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Renzo is a wonderful agent! We bought our house in the height of Covid-19 when the market started to pick up. Listings were selling quickly and I was a ball of stress. I think I emailed him 75,000 times in the span of 6 weeks but he always met my emails with kindness and patience (which we did not receive from previous agents). He works too hard for his clients but obviously we are grateful for that! We bought our dream property and with his advice we negotiated a great deal. I will definitely use Renzo again (though I hope this house can last us a long while) and I HIGHLY recommend him to everyone! Thanks Renzo! Be sure to swing by for a drink in our retro rec room some time 😉