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Reviewed on 21 May, 2019 by Kathy Mezei

Rebecca Laing helped us Buy in May, 2017

Recent: Ontario, Canada

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We are two seniors who have recently gone through a significant life change. A little over a year ago my husband and I entered the housing market for the first time in 40 years. Rebecca Laing responded to our web exploration with the question, “Ask me how I am different from other realtors.” The answer was that Rebecca never takes more than four clients at a time, so that she has plenty of time for each one, and she NEVER works for both a buyer and a seller in any real estate transaction.
And so it was. We started our search in May. Although Rebecca knew that we would be in no position to put in an offer until well into the fall. She and her partner William Tajer patiently took us from house to house, across numerous neighbourhoods learning what appealed to us, and why, and what did not. They never lost sight of our extensive list of requirements. With William along, we learned a great deal about the plusses and minuses of the various properties we saw and what would need to be done to correct structural problems. And when finally the right house was in sight, Rebecca fought fiercely to secure the best deal for us, and be sure that we had enough to cover needed renovations.
Now we are comfortably established in a new home that we love and that fits all our critical requirements. Rebecca and Bill continue to support us more than a year after our move with helpful referrals to everything from a handyman, to painters, to garden designers. You should consider it your lucky day if Rebecca and Bill have the time to take on your search for a new home.