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L Dilox

Reviewed on March 27th, 2020

Pete Chapman helped us buy in September, 2019
Neighbourhood Knowledge
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5.00 /5.00
5.00 /5.00
Negotiation Skills
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Property Knowledge
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Communications Skills
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Contact Expectations
5.00 /5.00
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Pete was fantastic to work with and helped us buy our first home. Communication was really important to us and we wanted to work with someone who was not going to pass us off to someone or have to wait hours for responses. We bought a new infill and knew nothing about the builder or the process of buying with a smaller builder and all the extra steps and potential problems. We felt really confident throughout the whole thing and were always given a bunch of options and felt like he was listening to our concerns and taking them seriously. He told us about things we had never thought of and got us prepared for every step. The way he handled the builder and the contract was also awesome. He had a lawyer get involved to add additional terms to the contract for the warranty so that we were protected. We also got our place for well below what was being asked and Pete used every angle in the negotiations. We were recommended to Pete from a family member and we have already recommended him to our friends. Definitely 5 star. Thanks again Pete! Your Rock!! :)
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