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Barbara Leslie

Reviewed on December 12th, 2019

Nicola Campbell helped us buy in August, 2019
out of 5
Nicola was always ready and willing to help us search for the property we were looking for. She very intuitively (and quickly) learned what locations to include or eliminate. Because of our present location, the search took place over a long period of time, and Nicola was always enthusiastic to begin again. She always gave the impression that we were her most important client and she was confident and determined that she would find what we wanted. NIcola has a very in-depth knowledge of the building process and made a point of learning all she could about the construction. When the deal was being made, Nicola was tenacious in collecting all possible relevant documents, from strata minutes to annual reports, follow up on hints of potential problems. She was savvy, patient and well-informed during the negotiating process.