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Guy Polden

Reviewed on February 6th, 2017

Naomi Morrison PREC helped us buy in November, 2016
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Working with Naomi was a pleasure from start to finish. During our first meeting, Naomi presented us with a home buyer's binder she had put together for us, informing us straight away of the process we were getting into. It was immediately obvious during this initial conversation that Naomi has an intimate knowledge of the housing market in Vancouver and this was proven time and time again during viewings. We were impressed so many times by her just looking at an address and saying: "Oh yeah, I know that building..." and describing its history, condition, pros, cons and and red flags we should be aware of. We had a lot of questions as we searched through many properties and refined what exactly we were looking for. Naomi always responded promptly to answer all of our questions, knew where to go to get answers and always made herself available.

We got in a situation with one property where Naomi demonstrated her integrity and professional ethics. In a situation where we could easily have been misled, Naomi researched the facts, advised us promptly and gave her professional opinion to withhold an offer. This proved to be 100% the correct decision for us and solidified our trust in Naomi. She really does put her clients first and won't stand for unscrupulous practises among her peers in the real estate industry. In Vancouver's housing market, where such practises have come to light in recent years, it was great to know we had someone honest and extremely competent on our side.

Invariably, so many real estate agents at viewings we attended knew Naomi and it is clear that her reputation precedes her in Vancouver's real estate industry. Naomi has a strong network due to this reputation and because of this, we could assemble a strong team around us, and were able to put together condition-free offers in a very short turnaround.

On top of her professional attributes, Naomi is a joy to be around and work with. We built a strong rapport in a short period of time and that is testament to her thoughtfulness, warmth and interpersonal skills. We would never go to anyone else for real estate expertise and without hesitation will recommend Naomi to anyone.

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