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Bonnie Rycroft

Reviewed on February 20th, 2020

Melody Kilbank helped us buy in January, 2020
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Melody has been working for me re a condo purchase for the last 5 years as I transitioned from Toronto and through health issues. She put me on a real estate feed of properties for sale and updated the details of my needs over these years. On occasion she checked to see whether things were beginning to come together for me and when they were, she immediately booked and began showing properties. Even viewing a property and showing/commenting as she toured the condo. When I visited the city to look for myself, she had prepared all necessary documents in the event that I wished to make an offer, which I did. Since then she has walked me through all my questions, found information I needed and put me in contact with all services needed to finalize the purchase, make upgrades and move in. I would highly recommend this woman, she truly knows her business and understands her clients; she is fully confidential and works for her clients, giving good advice throughout.

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