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Reviewed on March 27th, 2017

Mark Carvalho helped us buy in May, 2015
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As a first time home buyer, I was very fortunate to have Mark as my agent. I used his personalized online search for “Finding My Dream Home” which filtered recent listings that kept me up to date of any possible places that I would like. From the first showing to the last, Mark always made time for me and my family. He was professional, patient and kind answering all the questions I had. His vast resources and information made what could have been a daunting task into a fun process. At every showing, Mark would ask what I liked to help fine tune the search so that the next showing will have more places that were closer to what I like. Mark never made me feel rushed or that I had to make a quick decision to put in a bid. Throughout the search, Mark took time to give me advice that helped me make the right decision to bid on the perfect place that I can live in long term. Mark and his team researched recent sales in the neighbourhood and ensured that I made an informed decision. The purchase of my new home was an assignment sale which was riddled with complications and Mark and his team helped me navigate through the process with ease. I know that I would have never found the perfect place without Mark and I am truly happy with the purchase of my new home. I recommend Mark and his team to all my friends and family and know that he works hard for all of his clients’ best interests.