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G King

Reviewed on January 4th, 2017

Mark Carvalho helped us sell in January, 2016
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I listed my house with Mark Carvalho on October 21st, then stood back and let him and his team do their job. Had approximately 50 viewings by potential buyers in one week’s span, I think a record was set. On October 28th we received eight offers and I had the pleasure of watching Mark do what he does best. He sold my home one week later for $125,000 above asking price. My family and I were blown away. I must mention an amazing member of Mark’s team, Ian Luz, who went the extra mile, came to my home during day viewings while the family was at work, and my 87 year old father was alone, to ensure the disruption to him was minimal. It’s personal touches like this that made the experience painless. Lastly, I must give credit to the ladies in Mark’s office, like Tammy, that phoned me multiple times in the course of a day, to book viewing appointments, extremely pleasant and accommodating. Truly a pleasure to speak with. I am now in search of a house my family and I will call home, I will be entrusting this job to Mark and his caring team.