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Reviewed on 06 December, 2016 by Jacyntha Laviolette

Kim Oberthier helped us Buy in May, 2016

Recent: Saskatchewan, Canada

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Upon meeting Kim for the first time I was impressed by her ability to make me feel both comfortable and welcome. As this was my first home buying experience I needed a lot of guidance and support, Kim provided both. The first (and technically only) time we went out to look at the properties was a fun experience, we laughed a lot which took the edge off of what could have been a stressful experience. After looking at a few places I had mentioned on of the previous places and how it was my favorite thus far, Kim quickly asked it I wanted to return for a second look, which we did. I now live in that house. Once the home inspection, and related negotiations began Kim was on the ball with acting as mediator, she was also flexible and accommodating with working around other people's schedules. I always felt comfortable contacting Kim to ask her questions or to solicit advice. My purchase date and possession date were within about two weeks of each other so everything moved very quickly, Kim was there to guide me through the process making sure that I had everything in place and completed before the possession date. I've now been in my house for just about six months and just recently got a text from Kim checking in to see how things were going, sometimes it's the small details that make someone very good at what they do. I would highly recommend Kim, especially if you are a first time buyer and I would certainly use her services again in the future.