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Kristen Nault

Reviewed on January 12th, 2021

Kevin Mueller helped us buy in August, 2021
out of 5
Kevin's background knowledge in construction and renovations is extensive and extremely helpful when I went to buy a home with him as my Realtor. He expertly communicated my needs and expectations and wrote them into the contract. This was key! He also has a realistic, creative and calm approach to real estate and was able to alleviate those crazy "nothing is in our control" panic moments that can come up when you are trying to buy a home. I honestly don't think I would have ended up getting my home in the neighbourhood that I've always wanted if it weren't for Kevin being my Realtor. For both selling my previous home and buying this one, his timing and negotiation skills were key! The home I sold with him in May 2020 is still the highest sale price that has happened in the complex!