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Bex B

Reviewed on February 21st, 2018

Kevin Hartley helped us sell in November, 2017
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I had an incredible experience with Kevin. I had never sold a home and it was a bit sentimental and very hard. Kevin was not only incredibly sensitive and patient as I navigated all these feelings but he also knew when to speak up and help me see the bigger picture. I never felt pressured to make any decision I wasn't comfortable with- which was huge. The house needed some things done to it before it could really even be ready for the market- the house was previously occupied by tenants and some repairs needed to be made. Kevin helped out with navigating the complexities of tenancy and by-laws long before he even had the listing up. If I'm not mistaken he helped me deal with all sorts of unforeseen issues for about 3 months before the sign even went up. He was on call 24/7 and I don't think I ever waited longer than 10 minutes (if that) for him to get back to me about some question or concern I might have had. Trust between a Realtor and their client is crucial and I felt really good about the whole process. I felt like I couId speak up and be completely unfiltered and his easy going nature made our communication between each other was to the point and effortless (as if I'd known him my whole life). I cannot stress enough how much he looked out for MY best interest. I'd definitely work with him again and will certainly be referring all of my friends in the city going forward.

Bex - that you so much for your kind and generous words. It was my pleasure to work with you. Real estate in general, and particularly in the GTA in 2017, can present so many complexities, nuances and uncertainties. You handled them all like a champ and it was my pleasure to ride the roller coaster with you! Ultimately, it all worked out with amazing results. I'm so glad you're pleased. Cheers!