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Jody Cameron

Reviewed on November 2nd, 2017

Kelly Johnston helped us sell in September, 2017
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Kelly and Nicole were known to us as Kelly had been a college student at the college we worked at and I followed his career as it went along. When we were interested in perhaps buying a house in Chilliwack I got in touch with him knowing he had worked in real estate for some years. He and Nicole were always quick, thorough, knowledgeable. When we wanted to sell our condo and move away from Chilliwack they looked after us as if we were family, and in a very professional manner as well.

I cannot recommend them more highly - people make jokes about real estate agents being in the business for their own personal monetary gain. Kelly and Nicole are stellar examples of agents who genuinely care and use their expertise to make a possibly trying and difficult time, one of joy, excitement and confidence.

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