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Osarugue Egharevba

Reviewed on October 2nd, 2020

Keith Bray helped us buy in September, 2020
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Recent: Ontario, Canada

At the beginning of my home search, I had three fears:
- I was scared and unsure of my buying power especially in this current volatile house market
- I was scared of over-paying for a home
- I was scared of dealing with a not very responsive agent, because I am pretty hands-on, and on-top of my emails and messages. I really wanted someone that could match my energy

Keith was a referral by my sister and her husband, and he did an amazing job with them, and so I felt I could take a chance with him.

On my first meet with Keith, he helped and linked me with a Mortgage Advisor that was so responsive and helpful and sorted out all my financial queries.

Keith was very responsive and present, I would send an email by 2am in the morning and some few hours later, I already see a response. My request to view homes only took sometimes minutes to arrange regardless of the commute distance

For me, it was the personal feel, I felt genuine interest in helping me find the best home within my price range

I would definitely recommend Keith to anyone looking to buy/sell a home. He does an absolutely great job, and I got my home just within approximately a month of contacting him

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