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M Rajkumar

Reviewed on April 6th, 2021

JOHN GAIO helped us buy in April, 2021
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We ended up working with John because he was the selling agent at a property that we absolutely loved. John was super helpful, incredibly knowledgeable and a true professional in terms of signing us on. Despite not being our agent - John took us on and made us feel like he was also working in our best interest. We were still wrapping up the sale of our last home and weren't really thinking about purchasing a new one when we stumbled upon this beauty. And our offer reflected that - there were a few different financial conditions from our end. Understanding all of that, John knew how much we loved the house and worked with the buyers to give us a fair shot at purchasing this property. Being a long term Peel Village resident, John was also able to provide great information that made our decision to move to Brampton an easier one than one would image. He pointed us towards additional resources, was super dependable, incredibly fair and a pleasure to work with - and most of all, he's just a really good guy. We lucked out when we found John Gaio - and would totally recommend him to anyone looking for an agent in the Brampton area.

Thank you for entrusting the Gaio Team with your home purchase. Wishing you many years of happiness in your new beautiful home!