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Review of Joanna Benvenuto // Edmonton

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Reviewed on December 18th, 2019

Joanna Benvenuto // Edmonton helped us sell in December, 2019
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She has been very supportive and keen from the very beginning. She did many showings herself and followed up with other realtors as well. She always gave us the freedom to decide what wanted to do in terms of price points, adjustments and negotiations while offering her experience and statistically backed input for us to consider. You will quickly realize that Joanna is a very experienced realtor who has great ethics. We can definitely recommend her knowing she will look after the client's interest to the fullest. Although you will find Joanna to be experienced and very knowledgeable, you will also notice that her enthusiasm and positive attitude has not faded. She provided us with regular updates and definitely went above and beyond typical realtor duties in several occasions such as checking up on the vacant property and with props setup and photography arrangements.