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Reviewed on 21 October, 2019 by J Mattatall

Jennifer Johnson helped us Buy and Sell in September, 2019

Recent: Calgary, AB

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Our family had met with Jennifer during a time in our lives where many things were on our plate and we had to sell our home fast and find a new "forever home" fast. Thankfully, Jennifer wasted no time in educating us on the process, making honest recommendations about the selling of our house, and took into consideration all of our very specific requests for a new home. We found Jennifer to be very skilled in the areas of both buying and selling homes. She made an effort to learn form other trades people (e.g., home inspectors, stagers, contractors, etc.) so that she could enhance her expertise with the wisdom she had gleaned from other professionals. This was an amazing asset to our experience. Jennifer was a jack of all trades in a realtor! In our experience with Jennifer, we sold a home and bought an apartment. Jennifer demonstrated skill and knowledge about both types of homes and the workings of the market for both areas. Jennifer was confident in her craft and was able to answer all of our questions with detail and was comfortable sharing her honest opinion on matters when we requested that of her. Jennifer's opinions on matters took into account our very unique needs and showed us angles on situations that we had not even considered. Jennifer took time to respond to our concerns with facts, numbers, past examples, and obvious experience in the field. When we flat out asked for Jennifer's opinion, she gave us an opinion based on experience and truth, not what she thought we would want to hear or what would make things easier for her. Her estimations and recommendations turned out to be accurate and always worked in our favor. Jennifer's follow through was impeccable! She was very efficient in getting things done and completed things in a timely manner, no matter the time of day, and always according to her word. Her commitment to our family showed as she responded to our emails within minutes and at any hour of the day. When we wanted to meet, Jennifer was flexible with her schedule to accommodate to ours. She would meet us at our desired location rather than one that was easily convenient for her. She was a tremendous help in making our home "sell-able" ensuring that we prepared our home to get the best price possible in a very difficult market for our type of home. We appreciated that Jennifer was honest about the pros and cons in each situation we faced along the journey. Despite our rushed timeline, Jennifer did not rush things or pressure us, in anyway, to make decisions. She did not try to sway our decisions, but rather presented us with different angels to consider so that we made the decision, not her. And our decisions were made based on receiving, and having been given the time to consider, the valuable information to assist in that process. Jennifer always ensured that she took the time to equip us with the information necessary to make that decision for our own best interest but was also be a very strong advocate when it was her turn to represent us to other realtors. Upon request, Jennifer recommended professionals that could be available to help us with our sale and purchase. This was a great help to us rather than us trying to find decent individuals to help us with individual pieces of the buying and selling process. The individuals that Jennifer recommended were professional, experienced, and caring, like herself. She had very reasonable timelines which were all met as she had predicted. One thing about Jennifer that stood out for us was that she genuinely cared. Jennifer followed us along on our journey from one type of home to another and then to another. She never grew weary of our shifting expectations, never complained about the work she had done that was now to be "filed away" as we moved onto a new type of home. She always helped us to see the positives in a potential home as it related to our checklist but did not hesitate to point out areas that would not work in our favor, down the road, as well. The information she shared on each home she showed us was based on her recollecting all of the minute details of our expectations. She remembered them all, even the ones that would seem insignificant to the average person or the ones that we ourselves had forgotten about! We had a very high bar for Jennifer to reach, on our behalf, and she did so acting as the utmost professional, all the while taking into consideration our personable needs with each step along the way, adjusting her expectations as our family's needs and expectations changed along the way, without a moment's frustration. Jennifer was always positive and friendly, very easy to develop a professional relationship with. Jennifer demonstrated a passion for her work and put effort into each step in the process with us. Because Jennifer was always forthright with us, we quickly became comfortable trusting Jennifer. We trusted that she genuinely cared about our family's needs, she understood our family's reservations, and she also respectful other individual's that were a part of the whole process, as well. We greatly benefited form Jennifer's words of wisdom that she was always willing to share when we asked. Jennifer has collected many experiences throughout her years in the field and this experience gave us confidence in taking direction from her. Jennifer made our whirlwind experience in selling and buying a home a manageable one for us under our circumstances. She took control when we needed her to the most and equipped us to take control when we were comfortable and capable of doing so. Three words that would best describe Jennifer....professional, caring, and patient!