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Art Ringis

Reviewed on November 22nd, 2017

Jamie Dempster helped us buy in September, 2017
out of 5

Jamie was incredibly personable, friendly, and easy to talk to and work with. He had a positive attitude that made him a pleasure to deal with and visit houses with. Spending time looking at properties with him was always enjoyable.

Jamie always stuck by his word. If he said he would do something or you meet you somewhere, you could count on him. As I started making offers, I could depend on him to do whatever needed to get done. He spoke to me honestly and directly about what he thought, and I valued his opinions about markets, negotiating, and properties.

Jamie always responded quickly when I needed him. If I needed to talk to him, I had no trouble getting a hold of him. His professionalism and the level of service he provided made me feel like I was his only client. I never felt like I had to fight for his attention, or as though I was a side interest to another, larger deal he was also working on.

I would unreservedly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor and look forward to using him again in the future.

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