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Gavin Lam

Reviewed on January 20th, 2020

HACK&Co Taylor Hack | Kim Christiansen | Anthony de Sousa helped us sell in January, 2020
out of 5
Hack & Co are amazing and are better than I imagined a real estate team could ever be. I have dealt with Realtors before and by far they are the best by a long shot. Somehow they seem to have mastered each component of our real estate transaction. I was stressed selling my house but Anthony and the team truly made me feel at ease by their expert knowledge and experience. Every single time I telephoned Anthony from the first telephone call and throughout the selling process, somehow he picked-up my telephone call, every single time. The team is friendly, supportive and patient with my questions and throughout the process I felt like I was a member of their team. Anthony even was there to help me physically get my house ready for listing. They are passionate and enthusiastic about helping me and my family. During the negotiation process Anthony really listened to me and my wishes while offering their team's expert advice. They more than delivered for me and went above and beyond where I will miss working with them as I enjoyed the process as much as possible. I will only use them from now on and will highly recommend them to my family and frien