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Brad Bourdages

Reviewed on January 8th, 2020

Gina Johnson // Beaumont helped us buy in March, 2018
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I put Gina through her paces and made her look through many houses, for many days, with me as I did my education and exploration of houses and the marketplace in a new to me province. She was knowledgeable, spent many days and countless hours with me and pointed out the good and bad in several properties that I otherwise may not have noticed. She worked hard for me and she stopped me from making an offer on a more expensive house that could have become problematic. When I see a commissioned salesperson steer me to something that lowers their commission, they win my vote. That is a good sign that the person is truly looking at my best interest ahead of their bottom line. Gina will get my business again. I recommend her services to buyers and sellers alike.