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Timothy Sear

Reviewed on November 21st, 2020

Danielle Roy helped us buy in November, 2020
out of 5
Danielle helped us through three offerings on our journey to find a new home during the craziness of 2020 demonstrating her knowledge, experience and keen attention to detail. In each case she demonstrated her knowledge and applied her accounting background, by walking us through the offering process, strategizing with price based on our budget, catching missed items on property documents, and negotiating (and frankly calling out discrepancies in communication) pricing with developers, to effectively coordinating with all parties involved. At one point we had to decide between two great opportunities, where my partner and I were split down the middle - difficult to decide which one to go for. Danielle simply said "Why not both?" and took us through the process of two offerings in parallel. She provided future resell advice on each and helped us decide which one was our "primary" and having the backup going forward, just in case. We ended up being beaten out on our primary, but because of her encouragement and guidance we proceeded with our back up closed the deal. BONUS: We got an amazing price! Danielle has a focus on income property development, and while our place was for a new home, she also provided advice on our previous property which we are keeping and plan to rent out. We highly recommend Danielle for her experience, attention to detail, accounting background (especially if looking for an income property - she's amazing with numbers obviously), and her support throughout the home search & buying process. We'll certainly seek her services in the future.